Superior ADUs Featured in Redfin’s “14 Expert Tips to Consider Before You Build an ADU”

If you’re a homeowner looking to build a mother-in-law suite, rental space, or additional workspace, an ADU is the perfect solution for you. At Superior ADUs we know all about Accessory Dwelling Units – from zoning restrictions and building laws to HOA regulations and design tips. 

Redfin reached out to our team for expert advice on what to consider before building an ADU.  See our tip below:

“Consider building an attached ADU”

“Many people think of ADUs as separate detached units or garage conversions, but ADUs can also be attached to a home or existing garage. This option preserves yard space, allows for more square footage, and eliminates the cost of solar, which is required for most detached ADUs in California. – Superior ADUs

To read the entire article and view other expert tips, visit Redfin’s Blogpost: 14 Expert Tips to Consider Before You Build an ADU.

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