Michelle Hedden

Michelle is the talented designer for Superior ADUs and JAM Properties, LLC. She has many strengths and could have pursued almost any career, but after being diagnosed with a medical condition while in college, she decided to study interior design and join the family business. She continued her education and training in real estate, residential design, and online marketing, and she attended the New York Institute of Art and Design to study Interior Design. She is also pursuing an additional certification in Residential Interior Design.

Michelle has become extremely efficient at building detailed scopes of work, overseeing and working with general contractors, and designing beautiful homes that appeal to the masses. Her designs are the primary reason that JAM Properties, LLC’s homes sell quickly. Like the other members of the JAM team, Michelle loves to help people and find solutions that are beneficial for all involved. When she became aware of the benefits of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), she was excited to begin creating designs. She is especially happy that she has an opportunity to offer several design packages to homeowners, giving them options to choose the finishes that appeal most to them.