Granny Flat Plans

Granny Flat Plans

Granny flat plans come in a variety of sizes and configurations.  There are different types of granny flats, or Accessory Dwelling Units, different ways to go about obtaining granny flat plans, and a range of costs to go with it.  Granny flat plans also have different regulations depending on where you are located and your local jurisdiction’s laws and building codes.  A lot goes into planning granny flat plans and getting them approved is not always as easy as it sounds.  In this article, we’ll go over the basics of granny flat plans and the easiest way to obtain them.

Obtaining Granny Flat Plans

Architects are often the ones to create accessory dwelling unit floor plans, which is the technical name for a granny flat.  Architects have the training and education to properly build a structure, like a granny flat, while maximizing its functionality and appeal.  However, qualified designers and drafters are also able to create granny flat plans. 

Engineers often work alongside the architect to provide calculations necessary to ensure the structural integrity of the ADU or granny flat.  Additionally, an interior designer is usually involved to help choose the finish materials and color scheme.  Oftentimes, obtaining granny flat plans does not involve just one person.  Usually, it involves a whole team of trained professionals in order to produce any type of ADU plans that will be approved by your city.  This can end up adding up to quite a high expense for homeowners just to obtain granny flat plans. 

In our area in Orange County, CA, obtaining granny flat plans that are desirable, functional, and able to be submitted to a city for approval can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars.  When you add that onto the construction cost to build the granny flat, the price can become too much for some homeowners.  Superior ADUs saw this problem occurring and decided to take action.

Superior ADUs – We Provide Granny Flat Plans and MORE

Superior ADUs worked with a local architect, engineer, and designer to produce a series of granny flat plans that we offer to build for people for a fixed price and on a defined timeline.  The advantage to working with Superior ADUs is that the granny flat plans are already complete and ready to be submitted to your city for approval.  By selecting one of our pre-designed models, the design time is significantly reduced.  We then bring in our licensed contractor to build the granny flat, while our project manager oversees the whole process for you.

The Easy Way to Obtain Granny Flat Plans

By choosing to build a granny flat with Superior ADUs, you will save yourself a significant amount of time and money.  This is especially true when it comes to the cost of granny flat plans.  Whether you choose to build one of our ADU Models or have our team create new, custom granny flat plans just for you, we can help you through the entire process!  From plans and engineering to permits and construction, we’ve got you covered.

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