Gerry Hedden

Gerry has an extensive background as a licensed electrician, electrical contractor, and facilities’ manager. He and his wife made the decision to invest in real estate in 2004, when they began buying rental properties. With his contracting background and ability to problem-solve and fix anything, his natural path led him to the creation of a residential redevelopment company. Since then, Gerry and his team at JAM Properties, LLC, have been buying distressed houses and renovating them in Southern California.

While “flipping” homes, Gerry became aware of the shortages of “affordable” living in Southern California. It was at that point that he and his team became interested in Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), which provide additional living spaces on existing properties. Gerry saw that ADUs were the perfect solution for many homeowners in Southern California. He and his team at JAM Properties, LLC already knew how to quickly turn an ugly home into a beautiful living space. Renovating garages and building small homes, seemed like the next logical step in helping the homeowners of So Cal!