“Generally, you can have two ADUs – one primary and one Junior ADU – on a single-family residential lot. The Junior ADU must be within the existing home’s footprint. For multi-family lots, it is usually best to reach out to your local city to find out these requirements, as many cities interpret the laws differently.”

Typically, your primary ADU can be 1,200 SF. Some Jurisdictions restrict your ADU size. Always check with your Local Jurisdiction for restrictions. Junior ADU’s are allowed to be 500 SF. However, this ADU needs to be within the existing footprint of your home. A Garage Conversion is a perfect example of a Junior ADU.

The State is allowing a 4’ setback off of property lines. However, there can be other restrictions on each individual site. Always check with your local Jurisdiction for any restrictions placed on your site, or call Superior ADUs, and we will provide you with that information.

If the original structure was legally permitted, the construction complied with the permit at the time, and those documents are on file at the city, then you should be able to remodel the inside of the structure.
You should allow 10’ of clearance from your house to your ADU. If less than 10’ is provided, fire sprinklers are required.
No, you can personally use your ADU as a guest house, office, gym, pool house, or extended living space.
No, per state law you do not need to replace parking. However, there are Local Jurisdictions that are determining State Laws differently. Always check with your Local Agencies to determine restrictions in your area or call Superior ADUs, and we will provide you with that personalized information.
Our Hillcrest Model is a Garage Conversion, which can be built in an attached garage fairly easily. In contrast, if you want to attach an ADU onto your existing house, this becomes a custom ADU project that will cost more time and money. Because you have to take into account an existing structure and roofline, it is more difficult and costly to attach an ADU, as opposed to building a detached unit.
Superior ADUs offers a custom finish package option for anyone who wants to personalize their ADU. Our interior designer will meet with you to discuss your needs, interests, and style to curate a design package that is just right for you.
Superior ADUs’ Models have been pre-designed and engineered ahead of time to save clients the time and money that goes into custom planning a structure. Thus, if you want to change the floor plan or other architectural elements within our models, our architect must custom-produce new plans, which does cost significantly more than choosing one of our models.
Yes! Our models were produced to save clients the time and cost associated with working one on one with an architect to create custom plans. However, Superior ADUs has teamed up with one of the best architects in the area to offer clients the option to custom build their dream ADU. Call Superior ADUs, and we will connect you with our architect to get your one-of-a-kind ADU underway!
The amount you can borrow varies based on a number of factors including the loan amount, credit score and property type. In most cases, lenders will cap the financing at no more than 80% of the value of your home including any existing mortgage that you have. It’s possible you might be able to take out additional funds on a home equity line of credit. Please contact us to confirm the options specific to your profile.
Assuming an interest rate in the 3% range, every $1,000 you borrow on a principal and interest primary mortgage would cost you approximately $4.75 per month. For example, if you want to borrow $50,000 to build your ADU, that would cost you approximately $237 per month for that incremental financing.
Closing costs vary depending on how the loan is structured, but in general they average to approximately 1-1.5% of the loan amount excluding escrows for taxes and insurance and your first month’s prorated mortgage payment.
On average most closings take 30-45 days to close and fund. If your financing is secured by a primary residence, then the funds will become available on the 4th business day after the loan closing to accommodate the government-mandated “3 day right of rescission” (where you can cancel the transaction up to a few days after closing).
Please contact us if you’d like to inquire about specific loan options available for your transaction. Once you’re ready to proceed, our lending team will email you a link to an online application as well as a list of documentation they’ll need in order to get the process underway.
*Disclaimer : There are Local Jurisdictions that are determining State Laws differently. Always check with your Local Agencies to determine restrictions in your area or call Superior ADUs and we will provide you with that personalized information.