Avery Salleh

Avery Salleh is a passionate member of the Superior ADUs’ design team. She is especially valued for her detail orientation, creativity, and her ability to work well with others.  She was intrigued by how interior spaces can have an immense impact on our overall health and well-being, so she decided to seek a career in design. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts for Interior Design at California State University, Long Beach.

Avery is especially talented at creating detailed floor plans & drawings, while collaborating with the team to create beautiful, functional ADUs. Her designs aid clients in visualizing their space through each step of the process. Avery enjoys creating inclusive spaces that can adapt alongside the homeowner or renter, so when she had the opportunity to join the Superior ADUs’ team, she couldn’t resist. She is excited to help clients design and craft their dream ADU.