ADU Real Estate

Are you interested in ADU Real Estate?  That is, accessory dwelling unit real estate.  If so, then you’re ahead of the game.  ADUs have recently rocked the real estate world and opened up an entirely new sub-category: ADU real estate.  Many real estate investors, entrepreneurs, and everyday homeowners are learning about how they can maximize their rental income on one property by building one, or even two or more, ADUs.  If you are interested in capitalizing on this advantageous opportunity, then keep reading.

ADU Real Estate

An ADU, or accessory dwelling unit, is considered to be a separate, accessory dwelling from the primary residence.  This means that ADUs can be rented out separate from the main home or unit.  The number of ADUs that you can build on your property depends on different factors, such as zoning and local requirements, but single-family owners can typically build one ADU and one Junior ADU on their property.  Depending on the size of the ADU, the rental income potential is huge, especially in Southern California where housing is hard to come by.  ADUs help solve this housing shortage problem, while also helping homeowners create a passive income stream by either renting out the ADU or moving into the ADU and renting out the main residence.  

Types of ADUs

ADUs come in a wide variety of sizes, architectural styles, and costs.  They can be detached or attached to the primary residence, or a Junior ADU can be located within the existing footprint of the primary residence.  A common type of Junior ADU is a Garage Conversion ADU.  Here at Superior ADUs, we have already pre-designed and produced an architectural set for a Garage Conversion ADU that is ready to be used by our clients as soon as they are ready.  Our Hillcrest Model ADU can be adjusted to fit into almost any size garage and converts it into a beautiful studio apartment with full kitchen and bathroom.  Oftentimes, clients will convert their garage into a Junior ADU and then also build a new garage, so they don’t have to go without.  To view our Hillcrest ADU Model, please click HERE.

We also have two additional pre-designed and engineered ADU Models that are detached versions.  These ADU Models are built detached from the primary residence and must be at least 5’ away from the existing structure, though 10’ is preferable.  Our Oakridge Model is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom accessory dwelling unit with open concept living and 548 square feet.  Many people choose to build the Oakridge Model for family members, especially the elderly.  That is why Superior ADUs designed all of our ADU Models with curb-less showers and ADA-compliant wide doorways for easy accessibility.

If you would like to step it up in size, our Springfield ADU Model is for you.  Springfield offers 2-bedrooms, 2-bathrooms, and 850 square feet of indoor living space.  Walk into the open and airy great room and admire the vaulted ceilings.  The living space flows into the dining room followed by the beautiful kitchen island with seating.  The master bathroom has a double vanity and large curb-less shower.  The secondary bathroom comes with a tub and shower, in case bathing children in a bath is necessary.  You will find that the Springfield Model gives you all the space you need.  View additional details and the ADU Flythrough by clicking HERE.

If one of our pre-designed ADU Models does not fit your property or liking, Superior ADUs is more than happy to design and engineer a custom ADU model just for you.  Our talented team of architects, designers, and engineers will accommodate all of your needs.

Get Started in ADU Real Estate  

Whether you are ready to build an ADU today or you just have more questions about accessory dwelling units, give us a call today!  We would be glad to talk with you and hear about your personal needs and situation.  Not all ADUs or ADU companies are built the same.  Superior ADUs is built on respect, ethics, and meeting our client’s needs.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

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