ADU Plans

ADU Plans vary greatly.  There are different types of ADUs, different ways to go about obtaining ADU plans, and a range of costs to go with it.  ADU plans also require different things depending on where you are located and your local jurisdiction’s laws.  A lot goes into planning an ADU and getting plans approved is not always as easy as it sounds.  In this article, we’ll go over the basics of ADU plans and the easiest way to get them.

How to Get ADU Plans

Architects are usually the ones to create ADU plans.  They have the training and education to properly build a structure, while maximizing its functionality and appeal.  A structural engineer also works alongside the architect to provide the calculations needed to ensure structural safety and stability.  Additionally, an interior designer is usually also involved in helping the client choose finishes.  As you can tell, obtaining ADU plans typically does not involve just one person.  Many times, a whole team of trained professionals are needed in order to produce any type of ADU plans that will be approved by your city.  This ends up adding up to quite a high expense for homeowners just to obtain ADU plans.  In our area in Orange County, CA, ADU plans can cost upwards of $50,000.  When you add that onto the cost to build the ADU, the price can be too high for some people.  Superior ADUs saw this problem occurring, so we decided to take action.

Superior ADUs 

Superior ADUs worked with a local architect, engineer, and designer to produce a series of ADU plans that we offer to build for people for a fixed price and on a defined timeline.  The advantage to working with Superior ADUs is that the plans are already done and ready.  You don’t have to work with an architect and spend time and money coming up with a layout and design.  That’s already done for you.  By selecting one of our models, your architect costs are significantly reduced, and we pass that savings onto you.  We then bring in our licensed contractors to build the ADU and take care of the whole process for the homeowner. 

The Easy Way

By choosing to build an ADU with Superior ADUs, you will save yourself a significant amount of time and money.  This is especially true when it comes to the cost of ADU plans.  Since Superior ADUs has already paid an architect to design and engineer a series of ADU models, you don’t have to.  You’ll only have to pay $350 for Superior ADUs and our experienced architect to come to your property to do a site visit to determine exactly where your ADU can be located.  From there, Superior ADUs presents you with which models are able to go on your property, along with the different finish packages and design features you can choose from.  The exact cost to build each model on your property will be presented at that time along with a schedule and benchmarks.  

If you are interested in obtaining ADU plans from Superior ADUs, please contact us at 949-216-0686.  Additionally, you may want to view “Our Models” page.  There you can see the different types of ADU plans that we offer along with ADU floor plans and 3D renderings.   


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