ADU Jr – Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU)

An ADU Jr, also known as a Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU), is a specific type of ADU.  But what qualifies as an ADU Jr?  To put it simply a junior ADU is a small living unit that is created within an existing single-family home.  

In order to be defined as a junior ADU, the following qualifications must be met:

  • Located within the existing single-family dwelling
  • Maximum size of 500 square feet
  • Has an efficiency kitchen
  • Has a separate entrance from the main residence
  • Has a private or shared bathroom

An example of an ADU Jr is a garage conversion.  Our Hillcrest Model is a great example to look at.  Hillcrest is sized and designed to be located within an existing garage footprint.  Superior ADUs transforms an ordinary garage into an extraordinary suite complete with its own bathroom, laundry, bedroom, and kitchen.  This suite can then be rented out to generate extra income or a member of the family can move into the new junior ADU.  Something to take note of however, is that short-term or vacation rentals are not allowed for JADUs.   

A junior accessory dwelling unit can also be created within an existing bedroom in a single-family home.  However, in Orange County, CA, where Superior ADUs is located, it is rarer to locate a junior ADU within an existing bedroom because of the size and layout of most homes in our area.  However, there are exceptions and Superior ADUs would be happy to discuss your options.

Something else to take note of is a new law that has allowed single family residences to have both an ADU and an ADU Jr.  The junior ADU must meet all of the requirements above, while the additional ADU must be detached from the main house.  This is one of the best ways to maximize a property’s rental income.  The ADU Jr located in the garage can be rented out as a studio, while the detached ADU can be rented out also!  

Superior ADUs offers two detached ADU Models.  Oakridge is a 1 bedroom, 1-bathroom accessory dwelling unit with 548 square feet.  It is masterfully designed with lots of storage space, optional laundry and fireplace, and ADA compliant features like a curb-less shower.  If more space is needed, our Springfield Model accommodates 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and offers 850 square feet.  Springfield has an expansive great room with island seating and optional cathedral ceilings.  

A benefit of working with Superior ADUs is that we also offer different finish packages.  Our Transitional Finish Package offers a traditional meets modern look with cost-effective finishes for those on a budget.  Upgrade to our Modern or Contemporary Finish Packages if you are seeking a more polished or luxury look.  Even better, choose our Custom Finish Package and let our interior designer customize your ADU finishes so they reflect your exact style and personality.   

Another advantage of working with Superior ADUs is the cost savings associated with Our Models.  Since Superior ADUs has already paid for the production of the plans for each of Our Models, you don’t have to.  Therefore, we are able to pass that savings onto our customers, thereby lowering the total cost to build an ADU.  Whether you want a junior ADU or a detached ADU, we can help you.  Contact us today at 949-216-0686 or and let us know what you’d like done!

Disclaimer: There are Local Jurisdictions that are determining State Laws differently. Always check with your Local Agencies to determine restrictions in your area or call Superior ADUs and we will provide you with that personalized information.   

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