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ADU Homes, or Accessory Dwelling Unit Homes, are becoming increasingly popular across the United States.  While each state, city, and local jurisdiction has different laws on ADU Homes, there are some basic rules that apply to the majority of ADUs.  ADU Homes are considered to be separate, accessory dwellings from the primary residence(s).  This means that ADU Homes can be rented out separate from the main home or unit.  The number of ADUs that you can build on your property depends on different factors, such as zoning and local requirements, but single-family owners can typically build one ADU and one Junior ADU on their property.  Below are some common requirements for ADU Homes:

  • The ADU provides permanent provisions for eating, sleeping, cooking, and sanitation.  In other words, an ADU Home usually needs to have its own kitchen, bathroom, and a place to sleep.
  • The ADU Home requires its own separate entrance from the exterior of the home.  In other words, someone should be able to access the inside of the ADU Home through its own entrance that is separate from the primary residence.
  • ADU Homes can be attached, detached, or located within the primary residence.  If the ADU Home is located within the primary residence, it can be no more than 500 square feet.  This is known as a Junior ADU.

Why Build an ADU Home?

 People choose to build ADU Homes for many different reasons.  Sometimes, it’s personal, and the ADU needs to be used for an elderly family member, an adult child, or even yourself.  Many people choose to use their ADU as a guest house, recreation center, or studio.  Others see ADU Homes as a great business opportunity.  For instance, a single-family residence owner can choose to build one ADU and one Junior ADU on their property.  That owner can then rent out both ADUs separately and collect rent from two different tenants.  Or, that owner could move into the brand new ADU Home and choose to rent out the primary residence and the Junior ADU.  As you can tell from these examples, ADU Homes serve many different purposes and can function differently based on your needs.

Superior ADU Homes

Building an ADU Home is, unfortunately, not always easy.  Due to new laws, regulations, and local requirements, it can be difficult for homeowners to navigate the building process.  In addition, building an ADU Home usually requires the help of an architect, engineer, designer, contractor, and project coordinator or manager.  Finding someone knowledgeable in each of these fields and getting them all to work together can be a challenge.  That is why Superior ADUs formed.  Comprised of talented architects, interior designers, engineers, draftsmen, contractors, and project managers, Superior ADUs has everyone you need on one team to quickly and easily build ADU Homes.  In addition, Superior ADUs has already pre-designed ADU Models that clients can build on their properties.  The advantage of our ADU Models is that because the plans are already done and paid for, they are ready to be submitted to your city.  This saves you the time and additional cost of custom designing an ADU Home.  However, if one of Our ADU Models is not what you’re looking for, we would be happy to design and build a Custom ADU Home for you.  

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Disclaimer: There are Local Jurisdictions that are determining State Laws differently. Always check with your Local Agencies to determine restrictions in your area or call Superior ADUs and we will provide you with that personalized information

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