ADU Garage Conversion

Are you interested in an ADU Garage Conversion? Have you ever thought about renting out your garage to make some extra income? If so, then you are looking to make a smart decision that has many benefits. Here at Superior ADUs, we specialize in converting garages into ADUs for our clients in Orange County, CA. Before we jump into an ADU Garage Conversion, let’s make sure you are familiar with all that an ADU can offer you.

What is an ADU?

ADU stands for accessory dwelling unit. Other names include mother-in-law units, apartments, backyard homes, and guest houses. Each accessory dwelling is considered a secondary housing unit from the main single-family house, meaning you can rent them out. There are different types of ADUs, such as garage conversions, detached or attached units, along with many others, each meant to serve different purposes.

Why Build an ADU?

  • Rental Income Rent out the ADU or move into the ADU and rent out the main house.
  • Ease of Financing – Use the equity in your home to build the ADU, rent it out, and make additional income.
  • Multi-Generational Family Living – Allow family members to stay in the ADU, keeping them close, while giving them independence.
  • Extra Space – Use the ADU for that extra space you need.

The Benefits of Having an ADU

An ADU adds value to your property.  You are essentially adding square footage to your residence at a cost that is less than the value you’ll gain.  New laws have recently passed in California allowing homeowners to build an ADU and a Junior ADU on their property.  This means that you could rent out the main residence or ADU to one family and the Junior ADU to someone looking for a studio apartment. You could potentially have multiple rental incomes from one property! Whether you plan to live in the ADU or not, the potential for rental income makes having an ADU, or two, worth it.

ADU Garage Conversion

Whether you have an attached or detached garage, you can build an ADU in Orange County, CA. If you are located in a different area, please check with your local jurisdiction regarding ADU legalities. Superior ADUs converts garages into beautiful living spaces complete with a full kitchen, living area, bedroom area, and full bathroom. This luxurious suite can then be rented out or a family member can comfortably live in their own designated space. Whatever you decide to do, converting your garage will add square footage to your home, thus increasing your property values. Below is our model ADU that we build for our clients.


Turn your existing garage into a beautiful suite that you can either rent out or let family members live in. If your garage is currently attached, we will section off your current utilities and provide a separate entrance into your new ADU. Hillcrest offers a spacious full kitchen, living area, bedroom area large enough for a queen bed, and a spacious bathroom with a sizable curbless shower. Each model comes complete with energy efficient mini-split system HVAC units that can be adjusted by room. A stackable washer/dryer and ethanol fireplace can also be added to the Hillcrest Model to further enhance the space. The Hillcrest Model can also be built within an existing detached garage, as long as the current structure is up to code and large enough to fit the model footprint.
If you are interested in building an ADU or would like to know more about how Superior ADUs can help you save time and money, call 949-216-0686.

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