ADU Conversion

An ADU Conversion, or accessory dwelling unit conversion, usually refers to when someone converts part of their residence into an ADU.  An example of an ADU conversion is a garage conversion.  Essentially, an existing garage is converted into a separate living space that is able to be rented out apart from the primary residence.  This is also known as a Junior ADU so long as all of the legal requirements are met.  In this blog, we will review ADU conversions, also known as Junior ADUs.

Junior ADU

A Junior ADU (JADU) or junior accessory dwelling unit is no more than 500 square feet and must be placed entirely within an existing residential unit.  This includes existing, permitted garages, as well as existing bedrooms.  Technically, these JADU conversions can have separate or shared sanitation and cooking facilities from the main residence.  However, the Junior ADU must have its own external entrance that is separate and not shared with the primary residence.  Some jurisdictions have different rules or technicalities, so be sure to check with your local city planning office to find out the exact specific requirements for a JADU in your area.

ADU Garage Conversion

Many people in the Southern California have decided to convert their garages into ADUs.  These ADUs can be used for family members or can be rented out to generate some additional income.  Oftentimes, people will convert their garages into an ADU and then build a new garage or storage shed if space permits.  Something to take note of, however, is that ADU conversions cannot be rented out as short-term rentals.  ADUs must be rented out as long-term rentals.

Superior ADUs

Superior ADUs, located in Southern California, saw the need for accessory dwelling units in our area and decided to pre-design and engineer a series of ADU Models that clients can use and have built.  One of these is the Hillcrest Model, which is specifically designed as an ADU garage conversion.  The team at Superior ADUs adjusts the footprint in order to fit within your existing garage and then, just like that, the plans are ready to go!  These pre-designed ADU Models help save homeowners both time and money, since they do not need to find an architect to produce them custom plans.  Once the plans are approved, our team of contractors and project managers begin your ADU conversion right away.  We let you choose from different design packages and finishes or offer a custom option so you can get the exact look you want.  With Superior ADUs, you will finish your ADU conversion quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

ADU Models   

 Don’t think you are limited to an ADU conversion within your existing home.  ADUs can also be built detached from the primary residence, like in a backyard.  These detached accessory dwelling units are essentially their own stand-alone structures that are treated as separate dwellings.  Superior ADUs has pre-designed a 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom ADU Model, along with a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom ADU Model.  The architectural plans for these ADU Models are ready to go, which cuts down significantly on both the cost and time of the design phase.  You simply choose from one of our pre-designed finish packages or have our designer choose custom finishes for you.  Superior ADUs then handles the whole permitting process including communication with the city, as well as the entire construction phase through completion.  Superior ADUs makes the whole process easy so you can enjoy more space, more income, and more possibilities with your new ADU!

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