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With the new ADU laws passed, many people are looking for an ADU Contractor Orange County.  The thing is, a contractor alone cannot draft plans, engineer, design, and construct the ADU by himself or herself.  Usually, the contractor has to call upon his or her architect or draftsmen to create your ADU plans, then a structural engineer needs to get involved in order to perform calculations to ensure the structural integrity.  Additionally, a designer is usually also needed in the process to assist with the finishes for the ADU.  It’s also a smart idea to have a knowledgeable project manager on site to ensure everything is being done properly.  As you can see, an ADU contractor alone cannot complete the job.  Instead, a team approach is needed, and that’s one reason why Superior ADUs was born.

Superior ADUs is much more than an ADU Contractor Orange County.  We are a team of real estate experts, architects, designers, draftsmen, contractors, and project coordinators and managers.  We all work together to ensure that building an ADU is a smooth process for homeowners.  We handle the whole process, from choosing one of our completed ADU model floor plans to drafting new, custom plans just for you!  Our team of architects, engineers, and designers work closely with you to ensure that your ADU will meet all of your desires.  Our team also handles all of the communication with your city and the submittal process.  Upon approval, our licensed and vetted contractors and project managers get to work building your ADU, always ensuring that all of the codes are followed.  We have streamlined the process so you can start enjoying your ADU as soon as possible!

Something to note when looking for an ADU Contractor Orange County is that often, ADU Contractors will only quote you for the construction portion of building an ADU.  This can be very misleading for homeowners.  For example, an ADU contractor may say it will be $100,000 to build the ADU that you want.  However, this doesn’t usually include the cost to draft the plans, the cost for a structural engineer to complete the plans, the permit fees and possible impact fees you’ll have to pay to the city, or fees for design services.  An ADU contractor may also quote you $100,000, but this might only include very low-end, builder-grade finishes.  Always be sure to ask your ADU contractor what is covered in the estimate so that you don’t end up having to spend a lot of extra money out-of-pocket later.  Also, be sure that they are familiar with and will follow the ADU laws laid out by both the state and your local city.

Superior ADUs helps homeowners quickly and easily build an ADU without having to rely on only a contractor to handle the whole process.  Our team at Superior ADUs includes real estate brokers and agents, architects, designers, draftsmen, vetted and licensed contractors, as well as reliable project managers.  We help you through the design phase, permitting phase, and construction through completion.  Our team of experts works together well and are all very familiar with ADU laws and regulations.  Rather than trusting a contractor to handle all of the specialties involved with designing and building an ADU, turn to a trusted ADU team that you can rely on to ensure that your ADU is built quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

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