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With the new ADU laws passed, many people are looking for ADU Builders Orange County, CA.  Well, look no further, because Superior ADUs takes it a step further than just an ADU Builder.  We handle the whole process from design to permitting and construction to completion.  With Superior ADUs you’ll save time and money and have an ally to help guide you through the whole process.  We are much more than just an ADU Builder.  We are your partner on the exciting adventure of building an ADU, and we’ll help you gain more space, more income, and more possibilities.

What to look for in an ADU Builder?

Accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a fairly new term.  Many people don’t know what an ADU is, and in some places, ADUs are illegal and not allowed to be built.  Fortunately, many states are beginning to see a need for accessory dwelling units and passing new laws to make them easier to build.  This is extremely helpful and beneficial to homeowners, but unfortunately, the laws are new and being interpreted differently by different cities.  Cities also have a year to get into compliance with the new laws, which means that throughout 2020, cities don’t have to follow the rules.  This can make the permitting process challenging for homeowners to navigate alone, which is why you should look for an ADU Builder who knows this and has experience working with different cities.

At Superior ADUs, we always reach out to our clients’ local city planning office and any other associations required for that specific property.  This is incredibly important for an ADU Builder to do.  Once we speak with the city, we find out the exact rules, regulations, and requirements for ADUs in that particular city.  Sometimes, the city will also require us to reach out to utility companies, HOAs, and even county offices.  At this time, we are finding each city to have slightly different requirements and it is critical to have this information before beginning and paying for ADU Plans.  

Once your ADU Builder reaches out to your city and other agencies, only then should you begin looking at or drafting up ADU Floor Plans.  You don’t want to pay your ADU Builder to produce a two-story ADU if your city is currently only allowing a one-story ADU.  Until the one year passes for cities to get in compliance with the new ADU laws, it’s crucial that ADU Builders do their due diligence ahead of time.

ADU Models

Superior ADUs has designed, developed and engineered three sets of ADU Plans or Models.  Each ADU Model was designed to adhere to our state and local cities requirements, while also functioning effectively for diverse homeowners.  The benefit of choosing to build one of our ADU Models is the cost and time savings associated with it.  Because the plans have already been produced, you don’t have to pay an architect or draftsman for the time to produce a custom set.  They are all ready to be submitted to your city right away.  If the city does happen to ask for any modifications, our talented team of architects and contractors handles all of that for you.  Once approved, our general contractor begins building your ADU, while our Project Manager oversees the entire project for you!

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