ADU Builders in Orange County, CA

ADU Builders in Orange County, CA

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Looking for ADU Builders in Orange County, CA?  Then let us welcome you to Superior ADUs.  We are a team of real estate agents, brokers, developers, architects, designers, draftsmen, engineers, contractors, and project coordinators who work together to quickly and efficiently build ADUs for homeowners in and around Orange County, CA.

ADU Builders in Orange County, CA – Superior ADUs

Unfortunately, the process to build an ADU or Junior ADU in Orange County, CA is not always easy.  It requires knowledge of both state and local laws and building codes, which are not always clear.  Because of this, homeowners in Orange County, CA are often left with many questions as to what they’re allowed to build on their property.  For this reason, they often turn to ADU Builders in Orange County, CA.

This is where Superior ADUs comes in.  We handle all of the communication with your city for you.  In addition, we also find out the ADU requirements for your specific property in or around Orange County, CA.  This is very important because one city in Orange County, CA may approve a 1,200 square foot ADU, while another does not.

Depending on what you’re allowed to build and what you desire to build, Superior ADUs then offers either Custom ADU Plans or Model ADU Plans.  If you choose to have Custom ADU Plans created, you will be able to weigh in on the size, placement, and floor plan of the ADU.  If, however, you’d prefer a faster process, you can choose to build one of our ADU Models.  The plans for our ADU Models are already complete and can be submitted to your city for approval following a site visit.

ADU Plans almost always require an engineer to perform calculations and provide documentation.  At Superior ADUs, we have several different engineering teams we work with and handle all of the coordination for you.

Superior ADUs also has an interior designer to help you select all of the materials and finish items that will be installed in your ADU.  Our designer will go over with you the function of the ADU and your preferred style, in order to select suitable materials.

Superior ADUs then handles the entire permitting process for you, including the communication and any revision requests they make.  Once approved and permits are issued, you are then allowed to begin building your ADU or Junior ADU.

Our licensed and vetted contractors, who are experienced with ADUs, are then called in to begin the construction process.  While our contractors are building, they are overseen by Superior ADUs’ project manager, who you are able to communicate with throughout the entirety of the project.  

Once your ADU or Junior ADU is complete, you are then able to rent it out, let a family member move into it, or do with it however you please.  By choosing Superior ADUs, the entire process from start to finish is much faster than trying to handle it on your own.  

To schedule a free consultation with Superior ADUs to go over your personal situation, please reach out to us by web form, phone, or email:

Phone: 949.216.0686

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