Accessory Dwelling Unit Orange County

Accessory Dwelling Unit Orange County

Are you looking to build an Accessory Dwelling Unit Orange County?  Well, if you’re located in or around Orange County, California, then we can definitely help you.  Superior ADUs is a one-stop, done-for-you service that takes you through the process of building an ADU or Junior ADU from start to finish.  Whether you are looking to convert your garage, build a large detached ADU, an attached ADU, or a two-story ADU, we would be happy to guide you through the process, every step of the way.  With ADUs being relatively new in Orange County and the changing laws, the path to build an ADU is not always clear.  We solve this problem with our multidisciplinary team approach, as well as our experience in the field.

Where to Begin: Accessory Dwelling Unit Orange County

Before you start researching different ADU companies, looking at floor plans, and deciding between modular or built on-site ADUs, always start with your city.  Each city has slightly different requirements for ADUs, and they’re very specific.  They will limit you on height, size, design, style, among many other things.  For instance, if your specific city says the ADU must match the primary residence, a modular or prefab ADU is not going to work unless it can be customized to meet the city’s exact requirements.  

To find out your local city’s regulations, call your city’s building or planning department and ask about their ADU requirements.  Tell them about the specific property and what you’d like to do.  Ask them for all of their requirements, the cost of the permits and any impact fees, and whether you can get a written statement to verify the information they give you.  Sometimes, cities will also post their ADU building codes online, though it’s important to be sure you’re looking at updated codes as opposed to codes from several months or years ago as they can change.

Once you have a general idea of what is and is not allowed, you will then be able to be more realistic about what can be built.  For instance, if the city says your specific property has sewer restrictions and cannot support an ADU, then you’ll know there’s no reason to pursue building an ADU any further.  While it may be disappointing, it’s important to know this information before you waste your time getting quotes to build an ADU that the city won’t even allow.  Unfortunately, many people go forward and pursue ADU plans or sign a contract with a general contractor to build an ADU only to be turned down by the city.

Who to Hire for Your Accessory Dwelling Unit Orange County?

When it comes to who to hire to build your Accessory Dwelling Unit Orange County, the answer is not always simple.  You see, in order to legally build an ADU, you will need architectural plans created, which will need to be done by either an architect or experienced draftsperson.  In addition, to complete the plans, a structural engineer and electrical engineer will also often need to be involved to perform essential calculations necessary to the integrity of the structure.  You will also likely need an interior designer to assist with the creation of the floor plan, choose the finish materials, and ensure that the ADU plans meet the city’s specific design standards.  From there, you will need to handle the permitting process to get approved plans.  Once the plans are approved, you will then need a general contractor to construct the ADU.  Additionally, it’s always a good idea to also have a project manager overseeing the building process to ensure that all of the work is done correctly, and the project runs smoothly.

As you can see, many different people and professions are involved when it comes to building an ADU, and this can be complicated for homeowners.  Superior ADUs was founded to make this entire process easier.  We have formed a collective team of real estate experts and brokers, architects, draftsmen, designers, engineers, contractors, and project managers that all work together to make building an ADU as fast and easy as possible.  Our team handles everything, from calling your city, to recommending different options based on your specific property and city’s requirements.  You can either choose to build one of our ADU Models or have a Custom ADU designed specifically for you.  Our team will then handle the entire permitting process and all of the communication with your city.  Our licensed and vetted general contractors then get to work building your ADU, while our project manager oversees the entire process.  

By choosing to work with Superior ADUs you will get to work with one company comprised of multiple experienced individuals.  Schedule a Free Accessory Dwelling Unit Orange County Consultation Today:

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