October 2020

Orange County Construction Cost Per Square Foot

The Orange County construction cost per square foot varies greatly depending on a number of different factors.  First, are you talking about residential construction or a large commercial project?  Are you only looking for a room remodel, or do you need a large luxury apartment building constructed from scratch?  Obviously, the cost will be different […]

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ADU Homes

ADU Homes, or Accessory Dwelling Unit Homes, are becoming increasingly popular across the United States.  While each state, city, and local jurisdiction has different laws on ADU Homes, there are some basic rules that apply to the majority of ADUs.  ADU Homes are considered to be separate, accessory dwellings from the primary residence(s).  This means

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ADU Conversion

An ADU Conversion, or accessory dwelling unit conversion, usually refers to when someone converts part of their residence into an ADU.  An example of an ADU conversion is a garage conversion.  Essentially, an existing garage is converted into a separate living space that is able to be rented out apart from the primary residence.  This

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ADU Real Estate

Are you interested in ADU Real Estate?  That is, accessory dwelling unit real estate.  If so, then you’re ahead of the game.  ADUs have recently rocked the real estate world and opened up an entirely new sub-category: ADU real estate.  Many real estate investors, entrepreneurs, and everyday homeowners are learning about how they can maximize

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